About Us


The mission of the Quality Staffing Training Program is to provide training to the students in the required traditional nursing aide skills and additional pertinent clinical competencies necessary to sit for the State of Connecticut CNA certification exam.

The program is designed with input from educators, caregivers, and nursing representatives from various professional backgrounds and experiences.

Day and evening classes will be available in which students will learn in a hands-on environment under the eyes of caring and professional staff. The program places high emphasis on learning excellent communication skills coupled with knowledge, technical skills, problem-solving, decision making, documentation, and teamwork. Through lectures, DVDs, role-playing, and laboratory practice, students will learn procedural skills such as patient care, skincare, communication, and infection control. The classroom is equipped with medical equipment to practice skills prior to the clinical component.

We have a 1600 sq. ft. area consisting of a conference room/secondary training room, a classroom with a lab, breakroom, and office space. The classroom will accommodate up to 10 students and has a reference library located within the classroom. The lab consists of state-of-the-art training equipment to facilitate learning.


  • Small Class Sizes (5-6 students)

  • Accessible Location (near public transportation)

  • Hands-on Experience

  • Licensed Instructor with Professional Experience

  • Day and Evening Program

  • Strives for the Highest Level of Professionalism